Live In Care

A wonderful, welcome alternative to residential care.

Live In Care sees a small team of usually 2 or 3 dedicated Live In carers that live full time in their Client’s home on a rotational basis.

Live In Care IndependenceThis approach is a viable, person centred alternative to traditional residential or nursing care. Staying at home in a familiar place means the Client can make their own decisions, such as what and when to eat, when they want to go to bed or where they like to do their shopping.

All this helps to maintain independence, choice and dignity

Live In carers are carefully matched to individual Clients, dependent on their needs and characteristics, and are available from waking until bedtime and are present in the home in case they are needed during the night.

Right at Home Tyneside has a number of very successful, long running Live In care packages, keeping individuals in the familiar surroundings of their own home and maintaining their choice and independence.

Live In Care Clients range across a broad spectrum from those simply no longer able to support themselves to those with more debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer’s / dementia, Parkinson’s or neurological disorders.

 Right at Home Tyneside Live In Care can provide:

  • Help throughout the day and reassurance at night
  • Short-term respite for the family
  • Breathing space when assessing care home options
  • Support on discharge from hospital
  • Cover during a permanent Carer’s holiday

Watch our Live In Care video!