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A Magic Moment for Marion

Two females stroking a sheep in a field.

At Right at Home Alton and Bordon we take our time to get to know our clients’ likes and dislikes so we can match them with a suitable caregiver. We look for shared interests or hobbies and know that when we get it right, magical things can happen.

Caregiver Marion S has been providing a range of home care services to Marion for 3.5 years.

On their outings, they will often drive through the beautiful Meon Valley in Hampshire. Marion S observed that Marion always took a keen interest in the sheep in neighbouring fields and so she took to stopping the car so that Marion could spend some time watching them.

It wasn’t long before Marion S picked up on Marion’s regular comments about how nice it would be to feel the sheep’s wool. This got Marion S thinking about how she could go about making Marion’s wish come true.

With a little help from Care Manager Adriana and her contact with a local farmer, Marion S was able to arrange a very special sheep experience for Marion.

Earlier this month, Marion got to meet three-year-old Baz the sheep. He was born with a cleft lip and so the farmer decided to keep him as a pet.

Baz took a bit of a shine to Marion and spent half an hour with her – he seemed to really enjoy all the attention!

Marion was amazed by how soft Baz’s coat felt and thoroughly enjoyed her sheep experience.

Speaking after the experience Care Manager Adriana said: “We always encourage and support our caregivers to go the extra mile with our clients because being able to make somebody smile is a very rewarding part of our job.”

If you like to make people smile and are interested in a career in care, please see our latest opportunities.


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