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You cannot open a newspaper or switch on the television without hearing something about the care industry. It’s not generally good news, themes usually centre around the lack of cash in the sector, poor standards of care or poorly treated staff existing on minimum wage and zero hour contracts.  There is seldom a good news story that makes it to the front pages where the care industry is concerned.

Then comes along Right at Home. This newly established domiciliary care company (providing care in client’s own home) make the ambitious boast that they are different and say they plan to change the way care is offered and how employees in the industry are treated.

Directors James Levine and Jonathan Beckett explain.  ‘Our background was in the retail sector, we had a business of 6 mobile phone shops throughout the Northwest employing over 50 staff.  When we entered the care industry we were shocked to discover the majority of care staff were only paid the minimum wage and existed on a zero-hour contract. People told us that finding and keeping good care staff was difficult, we would always reply ‘I’m not surprised!’, James and Jonathan continue ‘We will always pay our staff not just above the minimum wage but above the living wage, we believe if you want to deliver the very best levels of care, then you need the best team and to have the best team you need to award them appropriately.  We also don’t agree with zero hour contracts, so we are committed to offering our best care givers permanent fixed hour contracts, we want to keep our best people so we can offer continuity of care.  We want our staff to feel proud of what they do, they are out in our community looking after people in need, how many other people can say they have made such a difference at the end of their working day?’

Right at Home also have a different approach to how they offer their service.  They believe that minimum one hour visits are key to offering real meaningful care.  They are insistent that 15 or 30 minute visits do not give the care givers enough time to make a difference to the client, especially if the client is suffering from a condition such as dementia.  The care givers also travel in their own time not the clients, so if you pay for an hour you get an hour and they are committed not to pack in appointments so the care giver is under pressure to get to the next client.

It’s not just traditional care that’s on offer however.  Right at Home care givers will run to the shops, prepare meals, offer companionship on top of their usual duties.  James and Jonathan explain ‘We set out to make a difference as opposed to deliver just what is expected, if people start to view us as just another care company then we have failed’.

If you are interested to know more about how RaH Sefton do a Home Care a different way and what Right at Home offer you can contact them on 01704 443344, email [email protected] or visit their website


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