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Young people encouraged to follow in Emily’s footsteps

Dish of lasagne and a side bowl of green vegetables.

The pandemic has meant that young people are said to have been hit particularly hard by disruption to the jobs market and are rethinking their future plans.

Right at Home GF is expanding its services and wants more under 25s who are seeking a rewarding career that makes a difference to people’s lives to consider care.

Like many young people, Emily was not sure what she wanted to do after leaving education. Not convinced that her college catering course was taking her in the right direction, she took her mum’s advice and tried out caregiving. She hasn’t looked back since.

“My mum spotted that making a difference to people gives me a sense of purpose and that I am good at connecting with people – cheering them up and making them feel comfortable – so she suggested I give caregiving a try. I really wasn’t sure when I applied but I’m so glad I took that step because I found I loved it!” says Emily.

The variety of the role suits Emily and keeps each day interesting: “If I am with a client in the morning, I will be helping them get out of bed and dressed, perhaps preparing breakfast and lunch and going out for a walk with them. In the evening, it’s about helping them get to bed and making sure they have taken the right medication.”

Emily enjoys the opportunity to get to know her regular clients as well as working in a small team of caregivers for clients who need more support. “Each day is as unique as the client; we are all different, so I adapt to their personality and individual needs. We see a big difference in people when we provide care for them. One gentleman wanted companionship. While I was with him, I would make his dinner and bed for him and noticed how much happier and less anxious he became with some company.”

Right at Home matches caregivers with clients so Emily’s culinary skills come into their own when her clients need someone to cook for them.

COVID-19 has presented the caring profession with many new demands but Emily has risen to the challenge and continues to provide excellent care to her clients. Caregiver’s companionship is more important than ever: “We can’t take clients out at the moment as much as we would like as we have to keep them safe. I’ve got used to using the PPE and feel proud of how I’ve adapted,” says Emily.

Emily has recently been promoted to Senior CareGiver at our Bordon office and hopes to continue to progress as she gathers experience. She is studying for an 18-month diploma in social care. Longer term she would like to add office skills to her repertoire and help with scheduling care calls, bringing her practical experience of working with clients into the office.

What would Emily say to someone considering a role as a caregiver? “Go for it if you think it might be for you. You have to be in it for the right reasons. Adaptability, compassion and empathy are all essential to being a caregiver. Being open minded is also important and being willing to go the extra mile”.

Right at Home gives its caregivers a lot of support, especially for new starters. Emily has been chosen by Right at Home to be a ‘wise owl’ which means that when somebody new starts, Emily will phone them to see how they are getting on, answer any questions or concerns they have and keep in regular contact throughout their first few months. New staff also initially shadow more experienced caregivers when they join so they are eased into the role gently.

“It’s a great profession for people of any age to get into but it has a lot to offer young people like me. It’s a flexible job so it can work around your life more than many other roles.”

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