RightCare Cognitive Support

At Right at Home we have launched a unique cognitive care programme to support people living dementia or cognitive change.

Right at Home’s RightCare approach is anchored in our mission: to improve the quality of life for those we support. We provide a valuablew service to your loved ones, but we also provide a valuable service to each of you; the families of our clients.

While Right at Home provides specialised dementia and cognitive support, families fulfil a critical role in Right at Home’s RightCare approach. To support loved ones living with dementia and cognitive change to live at home for as long as possible, the role of the family is to:

  • RELATE to their loved one in a way that empowers the client’s abilities
  • CONNECT with their loved one using person-centred care and communication techniques
  • ENCOURAGE their loved one to participate in activities that support lifestyle goals

To support the family of those experiencing cognitive decline, Right at Home educates individuals about their loved one’s current ability level, while providing support techniques and tips on how to best interact with and care for them.

The RightCare Plan; as Unique as Your Loved One

Our RightCare dementia and cognitive support is delivered by Right at Home Certified Cognitive Support Programme Providers who have received specialised training to deliver an individualised Personal Plan for each Client that consists of three components:

ABILITY: We create a care environment that empowers the Client and their current abilities.
PERSONHOOD: We incorporate the Client’s life history, routines and preferences into the Personal Plan.
LIFESTYLE: We collaborate with the Client and family to set goals and create support activities in the areas of nutrition socialisation, wellness and awareness, in order to minimise overall cognitive change.

Our specialist Cognitive Support Programme Providers are currently operating in the following offices.

We will be extending this service across the UK soon. To register your interest please contact your local office.