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Plan not Panic

Plan not Panic. My daughter chose to take a gap year after graduating last year and go travelling. Exotic places such as Bali, Indonesia, Viet Nam as well as Australia and New Zealand were on the list. I have to admit to an element of jealousy. She left last November and planned to return mid May. COVID-19 came along and her plans had to rapidly change as countries closed their borders overnight. With a lot of panicking, checking of websites and stressed phone calls, she decided to return home in February.

Picture of Kevin SmithPlans are a great thing but it’s amazing how quickly those plans can change. One minute everything is going well and the next, we are in a world of uncertainty where our plans are thrown into complete disarray. We have no idea what’s going on and find it difficult to quickly access the information needed to make a decision.

Unfortunately, the same is true when people find they require care support either for themselves or a loved one. This could be due to illness or the relentless creep of the ageing process that finally tips the scale. They are suddenly faced with a situation they’ve never been in before with pressure to make decisions very quickly. It is very disconcerting and also very time consuming. How much easier would it be if there was already an element of support in place that could be called upon to step up to provide increased levels of support in the persons own home? Having someone you already know, have a relationship with and most importantly trust can take so much stress out of an otherwise difficult situation.

Homecare is a wonderful support resource that is responsive to changes in people’s health and well-being. Care can be increased or decreased according to need. A good Homecare company provides support as necessary as well as provide useful guidance and advice as things change. If a person’s well-being improves, the support calls can be cut back or indeed stopped completely. In other cases, the support can be put in place for a defined period, say for instance if their normal support network is not going to be around for a while.

My advice to anyone with ageing relatives is it is better to get support in sooner rather than later. In other words, Plan not Panic. The support isn’t about taking anyone’s self worth or dignity away. Good carers will act as companions to their clients and supporting/helping only where necessary. For those reluctant to accept support, building confidence and trust is where careful matching of carers to clients comes in and can be just one call a week to start with.

One of our reviews from a client’s daughter tells the story ” My mum wasn’t happy that we had arranged this care (1 hour a day). After just a week, she loved seeing the same person who came to visit.  “

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