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Awareness in September

September is a busy month for awareness days, and so much work is happening nationwide to help raise money and awareness. Right at Home is passionate about promoting these amazing causes and the work they do.

Below we have included 3 major events occurring during September.

Odd Fellows Friendship Month


Odd Fellows promotes friendship, and how building relationships helps improve our well being. They have 132 branches across the UK. They do events every month for members of the public to join them on. It is a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and try something new! All the details for their events are on their website, the link is included above.


International Alzheimer’s Month


Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia. International Alzheimer’s month promotes awareness for Alzheimer’s and encourages us to get involved and support them! On their website they have loads of really great informative videos that explain what Alzheimer’s is, the symptoms and research that is being done.  On Friday 21st September it is World Alzheimer’s Day, so a great excuse to do something fun for a worthwhile cause.


Vascular Disease Awareness Month


Vascular Disease is unfortunately affecting many people, and is accountable for 40% of deaths in the UK. During September the Circulation Foundation promotes healthy eating and lifestyle. ‘Step up for September’ is a campaign encouraging us all to stop smoking, eat right and make a difference! There is loads of great advice on their website to support us all to make a difference.

St Caths Partnership Preston 3

We will be promoting upcoming awareness days, weeks and months. Watch this space!


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