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Dementia Talk – Clifton College

Dementia Talk

On Friday 12th January 2018, our Director Paul presented a talk on Dementia to a room of 300 sixth form students at Clifton College in Bristol.

The students took to the talk really well, and the feedback we have received has been fantastic!

The students took part in Dementia bingo, which they loved, and some students won some of  our Right at Home bags and mugs. Following this, we also asked for volunteers to take part in an activity. The task was for the volunteers to read card they had been provided. The card detailed a person they are to imagine to be. The trick they did not know, was that they all had the exact same person with dementia. With this in mind, they were then provided a number of tasks and were asked to step forward if they would be able to complete this as their ‘person card’.

All of the volunteers finished in completely different places. This task was designed to show the students that we cannot define what a person with dementia can or cannot do. The college has fed back to us that the students particularly enjoyed this activity.

The talk was designed to share a serious message to the students of the importance of understanding dementia as a condition. It was also an opportunity for the students to gain more of an understanding of dementia.

We were so impressed with how the students engaged with the talk, and Paul did a great job of presenting!

We would love to present more talks across the city, and are excited for the next event!


Please check out the website for Dementia Friends, it has some really interesting information:


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