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Carers Week 2020: Sleep Hygiene

Today we’re discussing the importance of sleep! Getting enough sleep is vital for your wellbeing. It allows your body to repair itself and your brain to consolidate your memories and process information.

Handy hints for good sleep hygiene

  • Go to bed at the same time each day (where possible), to keep a consistent schedule.
  • Set a bedtime that allows you to get enough sleep (between 6-9 hours is recommended).
  • Make your bedroom sleep-friendly: dark, cool and quiet.

Struggling to get to sleep?

  • Gentle exercise such as light yoga stretches or a warm bath can help with relaxation.
  • Reduce caffeine intake before bed or try a herbal tea.
  • Have a wind down routine. Doing the same relaxing activity every night will signal the body it is time to switch off.
  • Try to avoid watching telly right before bed or scrolling through social media. Try reading a book to wind down instead.
  • Avoid daytime naps.
  • Exercise during the day – physical activity is often considered beneficial to healthy sleeping.
  • A comfortable mattress and bedding can make a significant difference on the depth and quality of your sleep.

For more information on the importance of sleep for your health and wellbeing, take a look at this useful blog from the Mental Health Foundation.

Tomorrow we will be talking about mindfulness and sharing our favourite resources to support you with mental health and wellbeing.


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