Addiction Recovery Support

Discreet support service helping you or a loved-one on your journey to a long-term sober and clean life.

Addiction Recovery Support Service

The Government Coronavirus advice is to self-isolate for 14 days when you have a continuous cough or high temperature. For those in recovery, being alone can be can be a very anxious time. We don’t want you to relapse so our Addiction Recovery Support will be available via video calls. Call 020 3441 4160 to book a session.


  • Service for people who have already safely detoxed from drugs or alcohol and are looking for support to find a meaningful and enjoyable recovery
  • Specialist companion service that helps clients manage, rebuild and take control of their life
  • Flexible solutions from two hours to 24-hours per day
  • Fully trained and insured support workers

We discreetly help with recovery goals and relapse prevention, helping our you feel safe and comfortable at home again, whilst rebuilding your life abstinent from drugs or alcohol.

Your choice:

We recognise that everyone’s journey to a clean and sober life is individual and you need to choose the right support for you. Each of our clients has their own person-centred support plan and goals. We work with you and your team to deliver a package that meets your needs. Like any illness, everyone has their own unique way of managing their addiction.


Your independence:

Choosing to have support in your home should not be seen in any way to reduce your independence. Our goal is to provide the support you need to feel confident to rebuild your own independent life and recovery.

Your safety:

Having a consistent and highly experienced team of Recovery Support Workers can help detect small changes in behaviour or attitude before they become more significant problems that could potentially cause a relapse in your recovery.

Your peace of mind:

Our Recovery Support Workers build strong professional relationships, not just with clients but also with those closest to them. Families can relax knowing that their loved ones are in excellent hands.

Our support service focuses on:

• Helping you manage, rebuild and take back control of your life
• Supporting you to live a healthy lifestyle including nutrition and exercise
• Helping you to achieve long-term goals such as returning to work or education
• Career mentoring, advice and coaching including CV building and mock interviews
• Developing the skills to help you cope and manage in a crisis
• Accompanying you to group or individual counselling
• Working with you to recognise and avoid triggers of a potential relapse
• Providing non-judgemental companionship and emotional support
• Encouraging you with reflection, mindfulness and creative exercises
• Providing you with reassurance during social or family events
• Accompanying you on business trips or holidays
• Helping you avoid high-risk situations
• Advocating with family members and employers on your behalf
• Regular drug and alcohol testing so we can intervene at the earliest sign of relapse 

Please note we do not provide detox or rehabilitation counselling services, only recovery support. We are, however, able to signpost you to vetted and trusted professionals. 


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