Dedicated Services For Medical Professionals

Dedicated Services For Medical Professionals

We can support mobilisation of patients with early supported discharge and also provide in hospital 1:1 patient support for your more challenging patients. Our care also promotes admission avoidance.

How we can help?

For Hospitals:

1:1 Patient Support – Covering both days and nights for challenging patients, such as dementia, that may require constant supervision. This eases the pressure on your nursing resources.

This support has also been popular with families of palliative care patient who need some restbite.

Early Support Discharge – We can assist in your patient flow by easing your pressure on in-patient beds.

We assess all patients in hospital on site and, although we offer non-clinical services, all our support workers are very highly trained and closely supervised. This expertise has led us to develop a model of future admission avoidance.

For GPs:

We provide support and care for people in their own homes and work closely with multi-disciplinary teams in order to promote admission avoidance. Regular updates are provided to GPs on all their patients under our care.

Our Operations Director and team work collaboratively with all interdisciplinary healthcare agencies such regional memory services, occupational therapists, physiotherapist and pharmacists.

Patients have commented they feel more comfortable at home and the risk of possible hospital acquired infection is reduced.

Studies have also shown that clients with dementia also fare better in their own familiar environments.