Tracy trains to become our “Stroke Champion”

stroke champion

We are delighted to be involved in newly formed training by The Stroke Association with our nominated “Stroke Champion” being Tracy Campbell.  Tracy will be attending a two day training course this January and be involved with fellow “Stroke Champions” from the local area forming a network of continued support throughout Blackburn & Darwen. This training is facilitated by the Stroke Association and staff from the Community Stroke Team (CST) and other partners involved in the care of stroke survivors’.

Whilst reviewing the Department of Health guidelines to improve care for stroke survivors discharged from acute care back into a community setting, The Stroke Association recognised that currently there is no significant mechanism in place to inform care workers about the latest best practice and innovations within stroke care. This training and network of newly formed “Stroke Champions” aims to champion best practice and help to share innovations in stroke care both now and in the future.

Tracy will receive a stroke portfolio following her training, which will include fact sheets, booklets and a wide range of relevant information; this information will be made available to all our staff members and be of great assistance in helping support our clients following on from a stroke.

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