Achieving sustainability within a new business can be a challenge. But Right at Home has introduced two new initiatives designed to help its franchise owners future-proof their business growth whilst remaining at the forefront of the quality care market.

Right at Home is committed to taking a sustainable and collaborative approach to becoming the UK’s most trusted homecare franchise. Building on ideas suggested by our Clients and our franchise owners, we have implemented two new aspects to our business model; firstly to minimize the impact our services have on the environment, and secondly to ensure that our care services are meeting specific needs within marginalized communities.

“We have always prided ourselves on doing the right things, for the right reasons,” says Ken Deary, CEO of Right at Home UK. “These new initiatives will allow our business owners to think about their long-term future, as they make a difference in the communities where they live and operate, by protecting the environment, and fostering an all-inclusive culture.”

Focus on the environment
Right at Home franchisees are being encouraged to pledge their commitment to a range of steps that will reduce our impact on the environment. These include:
– Offering ‘walk to work’ incentives for back office support staff
– Adopting digital technology to run a ‘paperless’ office
– Ensuring electronics are not left on standby mode
– Exploring schemes to offset the carbon footprint that results from CareGivers driving between Clients

Plans are also in the making to hold a national day, across the Right at Home network, where we can come together and make a practical difference in each of our local areas. This might include planting trees, litter picking or beach clean-ups.

“We believe each office can commit to something, however big or small, and make a difference to our environmental impact,” Ken says. “We will be providing materials, resources and training for both our network of business owners, and their CareGiver teams, so we can all actively contribute.”

Focus on inclusivity
At Right at Home, we want everyone – Clients, CareGivers, back-office teams and our business owners – to feel accepted, heard and supported; regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identification.

We have recently started rolling out Mental Health and Wellbeing training for all employees, to ensure we are well educated and equipped to support ourselves and those around us.

Furthermore, it has been well-documented in the media that the needs of the LGBTQ+ community are not being met by the vast majority of social care providers. In November, our Central London office was named the first organisation in the UK to achieve the Pride in Care quality standard, as awarded by the charity Opening Doors London.

“We want to support our network to achieve this standard, when it comes to meeting the individual needs of all our Clients,” Ken explains. “By creating purposeful training, we can ensure every CareGiver is fully educated to provide the care requirements of the LGBTQ+ community.”

How will this help my new business?
Right at Home is a management franchise, providing highly personalised care and companionship, committed to delivering the outstanding quality of service we’d want our own families to receive.
These new initiatives bring with them a number of benefits for our network, including:
• Attracting LGBTQ+ Clients who may otherwise resist accepting support in their home
• Attracting staff and Clients whose choices will be driven by your commitment to reducing environmental impact
• Differentiating your business from key competitors in your local area

With these new measures working alongside our ongoing commitment to provide outstanding care, Right at Home will continue to ensure that Clients are at the heart of our business, and business owners are at the heart of the franchise system.

As the most highly rated national homecare brand on independent review site,, when you join the network, you join a strong brand. Find out if you have the skills and attributes we look for in a franchisee by emailing our Franchise Recruitment Manager, Kate Dilworth at


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