Bryan McMorrine holds a degree in Maths and Finance, but his heart was set on care

Bryan McMorrine holds a degree in Maths with Finance and lives with his French Bulldog, Isaac, who often accompanies him to the office. He opened his Right at Home business in 2016 and has gone from strength to strength, ever since.

Switching from finance to care is not your typical career path. However, for Bryan McMorrine, the finance industry no longer fulfilled him on a personal level. Bryan realised that his priorities had changed and just making money no longer appealed to him; there must be something better and more rewarding he could do. “I felt it was getting very shallow, the industry seemed to just make people money, rather than help people hands-on,” he says. “My mum and sister are both nurses, so I grew up around the care industry. That’s where I wanted to go.”

Franchising was Bryan’s first port of call. “I was putting all my own personal money into my new venture, so wanted something with a reduced risk. Franchising offers a 95% success rate compared to going into business by yourself,” he explains. “I worked with a business advisor and we assessed what I liked and didn’t like about my previous role. He then suggested a few options for me to consider, including Right at Home. After meeting with them I didn’t even look at other franchises, I knew Right at Home were right for me. From the moment I met Ken, I knew I wanted to be involved in the network.”

Through each local team of CareGivers, the Right at Home management franchise offers Clients exceptional homecare. Franchisees share a desire to support independent living for those who wish to remain in their own home.

Drawing on the extensive knowledge of UK CEO Ken Deary, Right at Home has established a model for successful business growth, which is being replicated across the UK. The value of Right at Home is rooted in the collective desire of the whole network, to have a positive impact on Clients’ lives, every day.

For Bryan, who had heavily invested his career in the corporate bubble, the choice to step into the care industry was a personal one. “Like most people, I’ve had relatives who needed care. Having grown up with my mum and sister both being nurses, I picked up a lot from them, as they’ve shared with me what they experience at work. I knew it was the right direction for me to take, as I could make a very real difference in people’s lives.”

Bryan’s Right at Home business grew to such an extent, he realised he needed extra help within the office. Considering his options, Bryan decided employing apprentices within his business would be the best solution. It would allow him to continue making a difference to his Clients, every day, in a positive way, as well as enabling the next generation to gain valuable work experience.

As well as supporting people in his local community, Bryan has a passion for animals and is often seen with his French Bulldog, Isaac – a fully-certified member of staff! Bryan is training Isaac to be a key tool in his companion dog therapy initiative, the weekly visits from Isaac really helps Clients with dementia. Other Right at Home franchisees have also added into their range of services.

Part of Right at Home’s ethos is the importance of franchisees giving back, and Bryan does this by supporting a variety of charities. “We work with a lot of local charities; Alzheimer’s Society, Opening Doors (an LGBT+ charity) and a small local charity that provides befriending to the Chinese community.” The benefit of the charity work to Bryan’s business is he getting to see a positive effect on his local community, whilst increasing the visibility of the Right at Home brand and giving back by using his privileges as a business owner.

The future is looking extremely bright for Bryan and his Right at Home business, as he moves into a bigger office premises and plans a campaign to employ more staff.

“I certainly plan to keep growing. We’ve just hired a second apprentice in the office, and we may well take on someone else later in the year.”

For anyone considering taking the step into franchising, Bryan advises, “Make sure you know what you’re buying and check it is a good quality franchise. Right at Home are members of the British Franchise Association (bfa), an organisation who offer information and advice for anyone considering joining a franchise about their members. Working so closely with the bfa gave me the confidence to join Right at Home.”

With his optimism and love for his homecare business so evident, it soon becomes clear just how fitting the Right at Home franchise opportunity was for Bryan.

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Bryan McMorrine

Owner, Right at Home Central London

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