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As a former nurse, Jenny Madghachian was ready to start her own business. Finding the right franchise to suit her skills and desire to make a difference, she opened her Right at Home business in March 2018.

When Jenny was nine her family moved to Dubai. As she grew older, she developed a passion for helping others, and upon returning to London in 1995, Jenny trained as a nurse. This reinforced her empathetic nature, and established a desire to do good in the world.

In 2000, Jenny gave up nursing on the wards to travel and, afterwards, started working for a nursing agency. Her experience within the agency set her up as an ideal candidate to eventually join Right at Home, “The training I’d received as a nurse, and working for the agency, provided me with the skills to manage multiple tasks at once,” Jenny explains. “My nursing experience has proven useful, as the owner of my own homecare business. I find I am able to empathise with Clients and their families, whilst understanding their needs.”

In 2017, Jenny considered business ownership, and started looking into franchising. She recognised franchising would offer her a new way of life, and train her in the key skills for running her own business. With the support of the right franchisor, Jenny would be able to focus on her strategy and follow an excellent business model. She knew she wanted to continue to work in care and felt the support and encouragement of the right franchise model would stand her in good stead, “I would never go into a homecare business on my own,” she explains. “I was researching my options when I came across Right at Home. And as soon as I met with them, they made me feel comfortable. I was so inspired and uplifted by the passion and commitment of Ken Deary (Right at Home UK CEO).”

Right at Home provides exceptional person-centred homecare services and is committed to delivering outstanding quality care. Their management franchise opportunity enables its network of 60+ franchisees to grow an exceptional care company in their local community, by following its proven model. Franchisees set up their own local office, appoint a fully-registered care professional, and employ a team of CareGivers who are dedicated to going the extra mile for their Clients. Within months of meeting Right at Home, in March 2018 Jenny opened Right at Home Watford and Borehamwood.

Jenny knows the importance of a strong work ethic for the success of her business, and says this was ingrained in her from a young age. Her father had been a hardworking role model, and showed her the value of discipline, determination and persistence. “My father worked in a big multinational company in the Middle East, but left his job to start his own business,” Jenny says. “I was educated at a boarding school in England, and he often wrote to me about the business! My strong work ethic definitely came from him!”

Right at Home is a franchise built with franchisee success and satisfaction as its overall goal. Its highly experienced team ensure prospective franchisees have the skills and attributes to succeed with their proven business model, before offering a franchise. Then, they stay with you every step of the way, starting with an industry-leading RightStart training programme, designed to help you achieve your business goal

For Jenny, Right at Home’s training perfectly complimented her previous education in care and nursing. “Shortly after joining Right at Home, I did two weeks training in Liverpool. When I started preparing to open my office, I had many visits from the Right at Home team, who guided me on how to accomplish my business goals. They have continually supported me throughout my journey. If I have a problem, I know I can just pick up the phone to the National Office: There is always someone I can talk to.”

Although she has flown past her financial projections, Jenny recognises money is not her biggest motivator, but rather the success of working hard and delivering outstanding quality homecare. So being awarded Right at Home’s RightStart Award, for best start-up operation, meant a lot to her, as did achieving a perfect 10/10 client satisfaction score on the leading review site,

“My husband also runs his own business; so between him and my father, I’m surrounded by motivated and driven people. Throughout my career, I’ve always been focused on helping people. I love spending time with Clients, seeing how comfortable they are in their own home, and knowing we are supporting them. Offering this in my local community, makes my business so much more personal.”

If you want to grow a business which makes a difference to people’s lives every day, Right at Home is right for you. “Looking back over my time, so far, with Right at Home, I’ve had the best time! I love being part of the community and I love supporting people. I’ve loved every minute of it,” Jenny says. In terms of advising others on their Right at Home path, Jenny says you have to be committed, “If you are driven, have a thirst for success and are considering opening a care business with Right at Home – do it!”

To find out more about what it takes to join the Right at Home franchise network, please call Kate Dilworth on 0151 3050755 or email her:


Jenny Madghachian

Owner, Right at Home Borehamwood & Watford

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