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Caring for an elderly relative or friend at home

We are continually adding to our Home Care Advice Bank to provide a comprehensive collection of articles and stories that offers tips, support and reassurance to those caring for someone at home. If you would like to discuss anything related to home care in more detail please call us on 01252 783426 or send us your contact details and we will call you back.


Do we need care?

Is it dementia or simply old age?

Signs a loved one’s needs are changing

Mum thinks she doesn’t need care

Advice on when and how to choose the right full time care


Advice for family carers

Eight tips for new caregivers

Five health tips for family carers

Eight tips for when Mum or Dad lives with you


Dementia – advice and support

Caring for clients with dementia at home

Mental exercise helps the brain

Dementia – what do we tell the children?


General health advice

Benefits of exercise for over 65s

How to prevent and detect strokes

Stroke – would you recognise the symptoms in time?



More ideas to consider

Explore family history and unlock a real treasure trove

Bridging the age gap

Tips to prevent scams

Retired but with more to give

Ten tips for a more meaningful family Christmas