Live in care options – what are the costs?

Demand for live in care in the UK
is growing rapidly.

For a lot of people, live in care can be a great success; other times it doesn’t work quite as planned. There are a few different options for live in care and when one might be more suitable than another:

24hr Hourly Care
Some people wouldn’t call this live in care and technically it is not, as the carers are not living in the house but are doing shifts to cover the full 24hrs. Depending on the individual needs of the client, the nights may be “sleeping nights” which means that the carer will be able to sleep and just be on call should they be needed.

Cost: High – based on an hourly rate.

Managed Live in Care
This is a term used to describe live in care where the care provider employs the carer and is responsible for ensuring a positive, ongoing relationship between carer and client. A company offering managed live-in care will be registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission). This will usually mean that the organisation has well developed procedures, good recruitment checks and well trained carers.

They should have back up carers available to cover holiday and sickness and will take responsibility if something happens to ensure the client is looked after. For the best service levels, a local care provider is usually the best option as they can visit regularly and also have hourly carers available to cover any unplanned breaks.

Cost: Medium

Recruitment Only Live in Care
This is often just called “Live In Care” by the organisations that offer it. Levels of care and communication vary from one provider to another as the providers are not regulated by the CQC. Some providers are great – but not all – and you may find that the provider will not guarantee to provide back up cover should a carer be unable to work for any reason. 

It also important to make sure that you are aware that you are taking on the responsibility of employing someone. You may well be liable for holiday pay, sick pay, pensions and of course National Insurance and tax liabilities.

Cost: Low to medium – the cost of this service is typically a fair bit lower than managed live in care as the provider is taking less responsibility and providing less support to you.

Recruit your own Live In Carer
This is the cheapest option for live in care, with the only cost to you being that of employing the live in carer. However, you need to know what you are doing to go down this route. Finding a reliable live in carer and carrying out the necessary checks is not easy and it also leaves you with no back up should the live in carer not work out for whatever reason.

Cost: Lower

In summary, there are many different options available and the cost can vary considerably. There is also the option of residential care or hourly home care which I talk about in another blog.

There will be a solution out there to meet your needs. Right at Home can offer two of the above services (24hr care and managed live in care) or even a mixture of the two. Our approach is client-centred care and we are also very happy to discuss all the options with you and help find a solution that works for you. Just give us a call.

Type of Care CQC Registered Cost Peace of Mind
24hr Care Yes High – up to £5,000 a week High – plenty of local back up.
Managed Live in Care Yes Medium – £800 to £1,250 a week High – should have back up available to cover planned and unplanned breaks.
‘Recruit Only’ Live in Care No Low to Medium – £600 to £900 a week Medium – you need to take some responsibilities
Recruit your own Live in Care No Lower – £500 to £800 a week No back up and no alternative point of contact

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One week live-in respite - very happy with the care, my mother appeared happy and reassured after the care had finished, and as the daughter and carer I also was reassured that I could leave my mother in good hands.

D.H. client's daughter

Aldershot, June 2016

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