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Am I ready for a career in care?

Unlike many sectors which are shrinking or under threat of automation the care sector is growing and is forecast to keep growing for many years to come so a career in care is a fairly safe choice for the future – you are not likely to be replaced by a robot or hit by mass redundancies when the next credit crunch hits.

What Training do I need for a Career in Care?

None! Now, that is not strictly true as, if you have no training then certainly any decent employer would ensure you had good care training in order to perform your role. However you are perfectly able to start a career in care with very little previous experience or training in the sector, You will need to be able to read and write as communication is really important and to progress your career you will definitely need further training which can often be delivered on the job.

There are opportunities to undertake apprenticeships in care which will allow you to be trained and learn as you work, to gain qualifications and progress your career.

The highs and lows of a career in care

Every career has its highs and lows and care is no exception. The highs or joys of working in care include;

  • Making a difference – there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you have made a difference to someone’s life. In care you have the opportunity to do this every day.
  • Working with people – if you love working with people then care is fantastic – you will work with a huge variety of amazing people.

The downsides

  • The majority of care organisations are providing their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that as you progress your career you are likely to either work or be on call at some unsocial hours.
  • The upsets – sometimes a client passes away or something bad happens to them. When you care this is always hard to deal with.

Career Progression and Opportunities

There are a huge number of different roles in the care sector from Care Trainer, Activity Coordinator to Care Coordinator, Registered Manager or Area Manager. Here at Right at Home we have developed some Care career pathways to help guide and support team members who wish to progress. Our MD Alastair Shanks believes it is important for anyone wishing to develop a career in care to work as a carer for a while in order to really understand what care is about and the impact that the organisation has on not only its clients but also its employees.

Case Studies

At Right at Home we have people working in quite a variety of roles who have found their way there by many different routes. It is worth reading through a few of our team profiles to see the different opportunities that may lie ahead.

If you would like to progress your career in care with Right at Home then get in touch or have a look at our care job vacancies now.

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