Is Your Loved One Acting Differently?

Don't ignore the warning signs, because small things can add up to a larger challenge incredibly fast

Signs your loved one’s needs are changing

It can often be hard to tell when ageing is affecting a family member. If you notice certain changes in your loved one, it might be time to consider outside help.

These may include:

  • Changes in relationships with family and friends.
  • Withdrawal from social interactions.
  • Unusual behaviour, such as increased agitation, speaking loudly or little talking at all.
  • Neglecting personal care, such as hygiene or nutrition.
  • Lack of engagement with the rituals of daily living, unopened letters, unwashed laundry and dirty dishes.
  • Mismanagement of finances, such as unpaid bills or unusual purchases.

The Right at Home team in Welwyn, Hatfield & St Albans can offer advice and support for any change in circumstances.

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