Edna’s Story

Companionship and occasional transport

Companionship and occasional transport

Edna has lived in the same home for more than 50 years. She and her husband bought it as newlyweds and the couple raised three children in the house.

But when Edna’s husband suddenly passed away, her family became concerned about her well-being, on her own in the house. No one wanted to see her live anywhere else, but Ava, their youngest daughter, was worried enough about her mother’s safety and well-being that she discussed the situation with her siblings. The children decided to contact Right at Home.

After taking their advice on how to introduce the idea to Edna, she cautiously agreed to have a chat with Registered Manager, Alison. Alison visited Edna at home while Ava was also there, and as they chatted easily about her life, Edna realised how easily Right at Home could fit into her daily routine – and admitted that she did get lonely at times.

Edna, Alison and Ava put together a care plan that combined companionship with some of the more strenuous household tasks, the supermarket shop and anything else Edna may want a hand with. Alison also introduced her to the idea of wearing a lifeline pendant when at home alone, just to stop the children from worrying.

A couple of days later, a Right at Home CareGiver called Beth popped in to introduce herself. Over a cup of tea and a chat Beth explained that if Edna agreed, she would be the main person visiting. They went through the care plan together, discussing how Edna likes to have things done.

Since then Beth has visited Edna several days a week to make sure she is safe and content. Edna loves talking to Beth about her seven grandchildren. Beth often does light housekeeping as she listens. And she frequently makes Edna’s lunches before sitting down with her to play cards and puzzles. When Edna wants to visit her friends or shop, she arranges for Beth to be there to provide a car ride and carry her groceries.

Right at Home provides numerous companionship / housekeeping and well-being services to Edna, including:

  • Safety supervision
  • Social interaction
  • Transportation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cooking
  • Running errands
  • Medication reminders

To Ava and the rest of Edna’s family, Right at Home have provided peace of mind, as well as an experienced ear to listen and talk through any concerns. They know that even when they are away on holiday they don’t have to worry about their mum coping on her own.