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Keep your spirits up!

Some of you may be feeling lonely and frustrated due to not being able to spend time with loved ones and the future is still uncertain.  Though this is a difficult time, it is important to keep your spirits up!  Here are some top tips which you may find useful for yourself or to pass on especially to an elderly relative or friend.

Stay connected

We may not be able to meet up in person, however a phone call or a video call with someone we care about can make a huge difference to our mental wellbeing.  Invite others to join through online video conferencing platforms.

Keep moving and eat well

Being active – even if it is just a short walk up and down the street can give you a boost.  If it is difficult to manage and prepare a big meal, eat smaller portions more often.  Keeping active and eating well, can help to reduce falls and maintain mobility.  Do what you can and consult a GP for further advice.

Do something you enjoy every day!

Having a routine can help build up good habits.  You don’t need to map out the whole day – having regular times you get up and go to bed and eat and a small task to complete each day can make all the difference.  Is there an old hobby you could pick up again?  Or a book you have been meaning to read for a while or a film you have been wanting to watch?  You may find pleasure or motivation to do these things before long.

Reach out

If you have been feeling low for some time, you do not need to suffer in silence.  Talk to friends and family or your GP.  Healthcare services are still here for you, and it is important to get support when you need it.  Information and advice can also be found on the Age UK website.

Right at Home Companionship Services

Right at Home Ilkley, Keighley & Skipton can support you or a loved one through our Companionship Services.  Social interaction can be an important factor in preventing isolation and loneliness.  At Right at Home, we believe that companionship is important and recognise that whilst completing daily activities, having a friendly and trusted visitor to talk to can really put a smile on someone’s face.  For further information, contact our friendly team today on 01943 603794.


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