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I set up Right at Home Mid Cheshire during the Covid pandemic and over the past few months I have met so many lovely clients who really do not want to move into a Residential Care Home. I often find myself meeting people who will always tell me “I didn’t realise services like yours exist”. When looking for alternatives to a Residential Care Home, I genuinely believe the best alternative is Home Care.
Following the Covid Pandemic more and more people are looking for a better alternative to moving into a care home. There are very few situations where I believe that a Residential setting is more suited to a client. With such fantastic progress with the use of technology, there is really very little that can be done in a Residential Care Home that cant be done, in many instances, better at Home.
A home is so much more than just a house. Its where many people’s remaining memories live on. Naturally when children grow up they may move away from the family home. It is also the sad reality of life that one partner will pass away before the other. In these situations, its the memories that people keep hold of. To say that moving into a Residential Care Home is the natural next step is absolutely wrong.
may need, at Home! It genuinely is a fantastic alternative to a Care Home.

At Right at Home mid Cheshire we provide high quality Home Care, our amazing care assistants can help with care & support that is specific for each person. There is very little that can be done in a Care home that can’t be done through Home Care. For example –
• Companionship and Support – older people are especially vulnerable to social isolation. We understand that families may not be able to see their vulnerable loved one’s every day. We can fill that gap. Our CareGivers support our clients by taking them out for trips to local visiting spots, light exercise or maybe just a chat over some tea.
• Personal Care – we can provide all aspects of personal care at home with the utmost dignity and respect. Many of our clients just need to know someone else is present so that they can be safe when getting into the shower.
• 24 Hour Care – by far the best alternative to a Residential Care Home. We can support with finding Care staff to provide round the clock support. A truly personalised Care service at Home

What next?
If you think that Home Care is an alternative that you would like to investigate, please get in touch with us at Northwich. We are passionate about helping people stay at home for as long as is safe. Our office number is available 7 days a week – 01606 537400.


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