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How Active Do We Need To Be To Improve Memory and Thinking Skills?

How active do we need to be to improve memory and thinking skills? We all know that exercise is good for us in many ways, right? We know that it’s great for our brains, but have you ever wondered just how much of it we really need to do, in order to have a significant impact on our brain health, and more specifically on memory and thinking skills? This article aims to explore this theory for those with such an interest, which hopefully includes you all! As there are no doubt endless facts and wonderings on this fascinating subject, this aims to be a quick and easy read to tantalise your taste buds and get you wanting more. More exercise! More brain cells!




Well, it certainly doesn’t take much to have an impact, even for those of you with low levels of physical ability, we’ve got you covered! Ten minutes of light exercise is enough to boost your brain connectivity, and help the brain distinguish between similar memories, a study has shown. Bringing you well on your way to improving memory and thinking skills! All that this entails is a brief interval of light exercise, such as yoga, slow walking, or tai chi – why not try chair yoga? This proves to be an effective way to slow down cognitive decline and memory loss, or stave it off for longer.


According to an article on memory and exercise, all you have to do to improve memory is to increase the flow of oxygen to your brain. Therefore, any type of exercise will help, however intense cardio will be sure to get the blood and oxygen pumping to all the right places, fast. Try at least twenty minutes of intense cardio, twice a day if you can manage it, for a very sharp, happy mind!

Our advice would be to do what you can fit into your everyday routine so that you can turn this into a lifestyle. This is because it takes time to build up memory and thinking skills, just like it takes time to build up muscle.

This might sound unbelievable, but regular, intense cardio exercise causes new brain cells to grow in an area of the brain which controls memory. This is not just a theory, it is accepted as fact by brain researchers and has been proven over and over again.



There has also been research to suggest that a single thirty-minute workout can improve memory! So if the idea of working out every day flips you into a state of procrastination, fear not, it just gets better doesn’t it!? This single workout can boost activity in key brain regions for memory and improve seniors recall for information. Brain changes that come with age will leave us all a little less sharp, different types of memory start to go at different times, at varying rates of importance, but exercise is beneficial to them all.

Are you Hooked?!

If you’re not hooked already, see if you can digest these brain boosting benefits linked to just thirty minutes of exercise. It quickens decision making and problem solving, prevents depression, boosts energy, strengthens willpower, creates emotional resilience to stress, keeps emotions in check, and protects the heart. Woah! I’m blown away, visit this link for details on all of these delicious numbers.



The more exercise we do, the greater the benefits, however a 10-minute stint of low-intensity exercise will still reap the rewards! If you can manage it, then keep going to that 40-minute mark to feel even more benefits from those feel-good endorphins! I’m no expert, but I can see the addict’s attraction when I look at fascinating facts like these! The pro’s just keep adding up. Don’t forget to pair your exercise regime with healthy eating, to learn how to eat all of the right things for a healthy brain, take a look at this ‘feed your brain’ blog!


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