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As people reach their older years, a change in appetite can be completely normal. The level of activity slows down as does metabolism, which means the body needs fewer calories. It’s also common for sense of taste and smell to alter with age which can affect appetite and enjoyment of food.

Add to this the fact that older people tend to eat less and the body’s ability to absorb some nutrients may also decrease with age, means it can be more challenging to get all the nutrients necessary to maintain good health.

It’s therefore very  important for older people to eat a varied and healthy diet which provides the essential vitamins and minerals, as well as enough food to cover their energy requirements. Good nutrition plays a key role in preventing many age-related conditions, including cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline, and also helps to protect oral health and bone and joint health.

5 simple steps to healthier eating

  1. Home cooked meals are best
  2. Replace unhealthy fats with good fats
  3. Let your loved one choose the recipe
  4. Keep meals interesting and easily digestible
  5. Consider using naturally sweet foods instead of sugar

If you or your loved one skips meals, or poor food choices are made, nutrition can suffer. At Right at Home we recognise the importance of good nutrition and over the coming weeks we’ll be providing information and helpful links for you or someone you care for to eat well, stay active and healthy.

Some quick and healthy meals ideas to get you started

Getting inspiration for suitable, balanced and tasty meals can be tough, so here’s some meal ideas to get you started:




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