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Right at Home Reading and Wokingham rescues Client from Storm Dennis flooding

A CareGiver from Right at Home Reading and Wokingham went above and beyond to support her Client – who lives on a river – following Monday night’s flooding.  The Client’s wonderful family have installed lots of equipment to monitor the water levels and are always alerted to possible flooding.

On this occasion, the Client’s family anticipated that the riverbank would break but thought Right at Home would still be okay to arrive for their Mum’s morning call, to support her to get up, washed and dressed and then transport her to her Daughter’s house where she was planning to stay for the next few days until the water levels subsided.

Unfortunately, the water levels rose quicker than anticipated overnight, meaning an ordinary car could not access the property. Fortunately, Kevin Lancaster, the Owner of Right at Home Reading and Wokingham District owns a 4×4 car, so the CareGiver made her way to the office and Kevin drove them to the Client’s house.

Kevin and the CareGiver donned their wellies and made their way to the Client’s house, wading through the water. Once a bag was packed and all essential items such as medication were in there too, the CareGiver and Kevin supported the Client to get safely out of the house and into Kevin’s car. Kevin then drove the Client out of the flooded area to her Daughter’s car and handed over a safe, dry Client to her very relieved Daughter!

Kevin praised his CareGiver’s thoughtful actions when they couldn’t find the Client’s wellies: “Once we managed to get to the Client’s house, we couldn’t find any wellies but our wonderful, quick-thinking CareGiver didn’t hesitate to lend hers to the Client whilst she made herself some makeshift waders with heavy duty bin bags. She truly lives our motto of ‘making a difference every day!’”

This story was also covered in Homecare Insight for its Good Care News series.


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