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Dignity Action Day

Dignity Action Day

What is Dignity Action Day?

Dignity Action Day is an opportunity for everyone to uphold people’s rights to dignity.








Led by the National Dignity Council, Dignity Champions for a nationwide network of over 60,000 individuals and organisations who work to put dignity and respect at the heart ok UK care services to enable a positive experience of care.

Dame Joan Bakewell, Dignity in Care Ambassador said:

Dignity Action Day highlights a more respectful way of behaving towards vulnerable people. The very old and the very young clearly need our respect, but it wouldn’t do any harm to spread the dignity message across the population then we can all benefit

What can you do?

The National Dignity Council have designed a pack to help in the organisation of a Dignity Action Day Event.

> Dignity Action Day Pack 2016

You can become a Dignity Champion, which is someone who believes passionately that being treated with dignity is a basic human right, not an optional extra.

> Becoming a Dignity Champion

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