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Introducing our #WhoTheyWere campaign

As providers of homecare, we have the privilege of hearing amazing stories about our Clients’ former years. We know how important it is to not only provide exceptional care to our Clients, but to also lend a listening ear and that’s why we are launching our #WhoTheyWere campaign, showcasing the fascinating lives of our Clients.

Over the coming weeks, through our #WhoTheyWere social media campaign, we will be sharing stories from Clients who have fought in World War II, a former teacher who took an around the world retirement trip and a love-story! We are also inviting others to share their loved ones’ stories via the #WhoTheyWere hashtag.

With more than 1.9 million people* often feeling ignored or invisible, the campaign also looks to encourage people to find out more about the history of older people in their local community.

By taking the time to sit and have a conversation with an older person, you are also playing your part in helping to combat loneliness and social isolation which is an increasing problem affecting the elderly and something which we are extremely passionate about tackling. You can read more about what we are doing across our network to address this issue here.

To follow our #WhoTheyWere campaign, go to our Right at Home Facebook page, Twitter page or Instagram account. Share with us the incredible lives of your loved ones through our #WhoTheyWere hashtag and let’s show the world the stories they have to tell.

* Source – Age UK


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