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Right at Home (East Kent) have been discussing the benefits of physical exercise,  which is widely accepted in today’s world.  It is acknowledged that regular, moderate exercise can  help promote well being through cardio vascular and muscular activity to help maintain a healthy weight.  Exercise can also help reduce blood-pressure and alleviate many other  modern day related conditions such as diabetes.  Of course exercise is only one factor to consider when striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Diet, alcohol consumption, stress, smoking and personal circumstances can all have a negative impact on our health, some being more obvious than other.

Memory gameSimilarly,  preliminary research is suggesting that exercise for the brain could be good for all of us.  It is thought that it may be possible to slow the progression of some dementia’s by concentrating on fundamental areas and activities such as physical exercise, diet, social engagement and mental stimulation for people living with dementia.   There have been a number of reports published about adopting behaviors to help delay the onset of dementia,  although it should be noted that we are not suggesting that the onset of dementia is inevitable for all of us,  that is simply not the case.   Regular trips to the gym is not a guarantee for a long and healthy life,  exercise and healthy living is simply reducing the risk,  and likewise giving your brain a daily workout is not a guarantee against dementia,  but research is suggesting it may help.

We’ve been looking at a series of memory games from Bright Focus and we thought it would be fun to share the same with you, our readers, starting with a relatively easy picture match game.   Please remember that the memory games should be considered as fun activities and if you are caring for someone who is living with dementia then you should consider their abilities before sharing the same with them.   Failing to complete the task may simply cause frustration and anguish.

Have fun with the Picture Memory Game – more to follow but in the meantime please follow the link by clicking here.

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