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Preparing for Winter

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Winter isn’t everyone’s favourite season and now it comes as early as October the  cold weather can be a worry for you and your loved ones. Preparing for Winter will ensure peace of mind for your family knowing they are safe, warm and comfortable.

Getting older can leave us more vulnerable in the colder months as our bodies respond differently to different temperatures.

To reduce the risk of serious health problems, which are more common in the colder months, such as chest infections, heart attacks and strokes you need to keep warm both inside and outside your home.

We have put together a few simple suggestions, which can help you or your loved ones stay safe, warm and comfortable during the colder months.

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe and ward off the winter chills:

  • Ensure your heating systems is running safely and efficiently make sure it is serviced by a qualified engineer.
  • Make sure your home has adequate ventilation and never block air vents.
  • Do you know where the main stopcock is and check that it is easy to turn off the water. If water pipes freeze they may burst.
  • Do you need an electric blanket to keep warm? Make sure you have these regularly serviced.
  • Ask your local fire service to check your home for fire safety. This is a free service and you may be eligible to get free smoke alarms fitted. The smoke alarms that you do have – be sure to check they are fully operational.
  • With any rooms which have gas appliances you can install an audible carbon monoxide alarm.
  • You may be eligible to claim financial support to help you heating bills.
  • Dress in plenty of layers and make sure you have warm shoes, which have non slip soles.
  • Be prepared for Jack Frost visiting and keep salt and sand handy to put at your front and back door.
  • Eat healthy, winter warming soups or one pot meals are packed full of goodness. Make sure you keep your fridge and freezer will stocked, in case it’s too cold for you to go shopping.
  • Make sure you are up to date with your flu jabs and keep all simple cold, flu and sore throat remedies in your home.
  • Ask a family member or your neighbour to visit more frequently.

At Right at Home we can support you or your loved one over the winter months. Please click to find your nearest Right at Home Office.

This information guide has been prepared by Right at Home UK and contains general advice only, it should not be relied on as a basis for any decision or action and cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.


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