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Proper Dementia care at home can put an end to lengthy hospital nightmares

Specialist home care services for people living with Dementia can put an end to the lengthy hospital stays that have this week been highlighted by the Alzheimer’s Society as a major concern.

The charity has identified a shortage in the availability of dedicated dementia home care services, and said that too many people are being forced to stay in hospital because they do not have a suitable care package that allows them to return home safely.

It is widely acknowledged that general wards are often a difficult environment for people with dementia, as the imposed changes in routine can have a disruptive effect on their condition and cause distress for them as well for other patients.

Data published by the Daily Telegraph this week shows that one in four hospital beds are now occupied by people with dementia, who stay far longer than people without the condition who go in for the same treatment. People with dementia are also three times as likely to have a fall while in hospital, compared to those without the condition.

Right at Home cares for a large number of clients with dementia, ensuring that they receive the best levels of support from consistent carers who are trained to support people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Key aspects of this care are the familiarity that comes from having regular carers, who know the individual client well and allow them to maintain their usual daily routines safely, while removing many of the common sources of distress and confusion.

Our support teams ensure people can come home from hospital as soon as possible, and we can also provide care for clients during their stay, to minimise their distress while they are on the ward.

To find out more about our dedicated dementia care, please visit the Alzheimer’s & Dementia page under Our Care Services. You can use the contact forms to discuss your circumstances with your local Right at Home office.


This week Care minister Norman Lamb and Alistair Burns, NHS England’s national clinical director for dementia, wrote to chief ­executives of all NHS trusts asking them to allow dementia carers to stay on the ward outside normal visiting hours.

The move marks a success for John’s Campaign, set up in memory of the father of best-­selling author Nikki Gerrard.

Mr Lamb said: “When you are caring for someone with a condition like dementia you are often the one who knows them best.”

Professor Burns added: “Carers are the backbone of our system and make a critical contribution to the sustainability of the NHS. They help us to look after people with dementia in a personal way.”



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