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Summer Safety Tips!

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It’s been a beautiful couple of days for the weather! Summertime is meant for fun and enjoyment of outdoor activities, relaxing sunshine, and socialisation. However, if seniors aren’t careful, the summertime heat can also be a hazard unless safety measures are properly addressed. To ensure summertime fun is in full swing understanding the importance of being safe in the heat by following these summer safety tips:

Dress Properly:

Sometimes, seniors want to wear a lot of clothing and cover up all their skin because they’re afraid of getting cold, getting bit by bugs, or getting sunburnt. If this is the case, families can encourage lighter cotton fabrics instead of the heavier synthetic blends. That way, if they go into an air conditioned environment, they can still feel warm. Wearing looser fitting or light colored clothing will also help keep seniors cooled off, as well. Applying bug spray regularly when outdoors, too, will also help ward off the bugs that bother them so much also.

Maintain Proper Hydration:

As seniors age, they are not able to conserve water as easily as younger people. This makes them more susceptible to dehydration, and they are not as aware of how thirsty they are as the temperatures continue changing. Family members need to remember to pack extra water when bringing their loved ones on long summer road trips. Hydration can also come in the form of eating juicy fruits like watermelon or oranges, as well as enjoying frozen fruit ice lollies.

Use Sun Protection:

Sun protection is not limited to rubbing on sunscreen every half hour. Wearing a hat, especially if the senior does not have a full head of hair or has light or thinning hair, is an added bonus for sun protection. Seniors should also wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from bright sunlight. This measure adds an extra layer of protection between their eyes and the harmful UV rays that could potentially cause more damage to their aging eyes.

Watch the Clock:

When engaging in outdoor activities, it is important to keep a careful watch over the clock. Spending too much time outside in the heat engaging in an activity could cause overexertion, heat exhaustion, dehydration, or a sunburn. By monitoring the clock and taking breaks to go inside from time to time, seniors can still enjoy outdoor activities without becoming ill or injured.

Final Thoughts:

When developing a plan for summertime outdoor activities as part of a care plan, families should take a number of factors into consideration for their loved one. The number one safety measure they should address is maintaining proper hydration, otherwise the senior will become ill. Keeping seniors safe in the heat takes a little planning but, in the end, it’s possible for everyone to have fun.

Let’s start enjoying this beautiful weather!


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