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The return of Black Friday!

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The day full of offers, amazing deals and bargains that can’t missed. Or should we say the month with non-stop discount TV adverts and offer leaflets through your door.

You either love Black Friday, or wish it would never exist.

Waking up early and queuing before the supermarket even opens is some people’s idea of heaven. Well, there is a promise of a £99 TV, right?

So, will you be in the queue? Here are some tips you may find useful before setting the alarm clock for 5:00am!

  1. The early bird catches the worm.Black Friday used to be about checking the newspaper advert for what local shops have on offer! Now it has got more complicated. Heading into Black Friday without any preparation? Never. The professional Black Friday bargain hunters have been working out their strategy since Easter! With little preparation, can you judge how good the actual Black Friday deals is?
  2. Choice: The enemy of happiness.Having lots of choice is great, isn’t it? Remember lots of different retailers will be selling the same item. You need to have done research before Black Friday to make sure all the choices on offer are 1. what you wanted and 2. what you need. After all we are British and anything that is on offer we definatley need.
  3. Does loyalty still exist. Shops offer loyalty cards, loyalty programmes, loyalty schemes all letting you earn rewards when spend money with them. How kind.  Make sure you check if the loyalty programmes are still offer on Black Friday and work in conjunction with the ‘amazing’ offers in store.
  4. Sticking to your budget. You go into your local supermarket for a TV and come out with a Christmas Jumper, a box of quality street and a bunch of bananas. Black Friday deals are available in limited quantities, and are designed to get you into the store to purchase other items. Decide your budget ahead of time – and stick to it.

We wish everyone a happy and safe Black Friday experience and remember the cheapest deal isn’t always the best deal for you.



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