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The Right at Home 2015 Annual Conference

Right at Home 2015 Premier Circle members

As our franchise owners and guests took to social media to discuss our conference this year, the hash tag #inpursuitofoutstanding took hold fast.

Operating in the home care market attracts a level of scrutiny (governmental, legal, media) that few other franchise sectors are ever subjected too, yet it is absolutely right that we are scrutinised. There is simply too much at stake.

So our theme this year was the ‘pursuit of outstanding’.

We’ve never aimed for anything less at Right at Home, but we wanted everyone involved in our business to see how that pursuit impacts and drives every decision we make, from recruitment (at every level) to the training and support. More importantly though, we also wanted everyone to apply it to everything they do with their own teams and objectives.

Many thanks to Right at Home UK for hosting an interesting, stimulating and entertaining conference on the care we deliver in the UK. Most of all, for giving us the tools and encouragement to promote better and better care.” Nick Turner, RaH Mid Hampshire.

By inviting our key suppliers, our franchise owners had the opportunity to see and hear first hand how we never settle for second best when it comes to providing them with the best services we can, from technology to marketing to training and education.

Right at Home 2015 Premier Circle members We also rewarded those Right at Home franchise owners who had shown the most dedication to the concept of outstanding throughout the year – there’s no question each and every one of them was deserving, but we picked a winner in each of the following categories:

Registered Manager of the Year Award sponsored by Primecare Insurance
Helen Garland from Right at Home Bournemouth

Right Start Award sponsored by Putney Print
Almas Adam, from Right at Home Loughton, Redbridge & Waltham Forest North

Continued Development Award sponsored by Platinum WaveRuth award web
Ruth Solomons, of Right at Home Harrow

Operational Excellence Award sponsored by Affinity Training
Paul Trinder, of Right at Home Bristol

Annualised Sales Award, sponsored by Dennis & Turnbull
For the second year running, Joe Guishard, of Right at Home Cardiff & Newport

Ambassador of the Year sponsored by SONY/People Planner
Alastair Shanks from Right at Home Guildford & Farnham

Overall Franchise Office of the Year Award sponsored by RaH UK
Alastair Shanks from Right at Home Guildford & Farnham

Right at Home Premier Circle: The Premier Circle is awarded to the top operators within the Right at Home system who achieve superb results within the year. They were: Joseph Guishard, from Right at Home Cardiff; Alastair Shanks, from Right at Home Guildford & Farnham; David Baxter, from Right at Home Tyneside and
Christopher Tansley, from Right at Home Nottingham.

“I’m incredibly proud of my team. CareGivers and office staff work very closely together and support each other on a daily basis. This is a people business and this award recognises the efforts of every single member of the team.”
Alastair Shanks, winner of the Best Overall Franchise Office Award.

Our huge thanks to everyone who took part and helped us make this such an outstanding conference. We set the bar high last year, but we definitely took things up a notch – and we will continue to do so every year!

table webWe are really excited about the future at Right at Home as we move forward as a cohesive unit with every stakeholder, both internal and external, fully committed to our Pursuit of Outstanding!

I left the conference feeling exhilarated and highly motivated, ready to work with an outstanding team and very excited about taking Right at Home to the next level.”
Lucy Campbell, Right at Home UK Senior Business Performance Manager.

For those of you who can make it, we are exhibiting at the National Franchise Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC on 2&3 October 2015.

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