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Susans Blog August ‘Give and Take’

Blog. Give and Take

We often hear that care work is undervalued and we can all try and explain the passion we have for making sure that our clients needs are met and how, along with all the rules and regulations things may not be easy at times
All that is true.
But there is also the side that we shouldnt forget and that is what we as carers ‘take away’ if we perservere.
We get to laugh a lot (believe it or not!) with many of the people we see day to day…
You may be suprised to know that some people and families that are facing some of the most difficult times of their lives still keep the ‘positive outlook’ they have always had. They have the same day to day concerns and worries as anyone else but somehow in the face of their adversities they are still, as the adverts say….mothers, sisters, sons and lovers, and they wake up each day ready to continue their battle AND with a sunny disposition and often looking forward to a visit so they can just chat….before they wash!
They want to have someone there not only to help them get ready for their day but to enjoy their company, to listen to their anecdotes and stories of memories they have made and someone to laugh with. Sometimes to understand the things that make them laugh or cry.
Maybe just someone they feel a connection to.
All this, sometimes in the last months weeks or days of their lives.
That role however short lived it may be is humbling, yet ironically a pleasure and an honour.
I personally have discovered so much more about myself since I started caring. The depths of my understanding, my ability to really listen, yes really listen. And last but not least to empathise.

You dont always know what awaits you day to day but the skills you acquire doing this job along with your humility (and of course your sense of humour) will enable you take on whatever greets you on those days when its not the usual ‘good morning Susan’

So, so worth it



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