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The last few weeks have been pretty manic in the office, but nothing prepared us for the ‘beast from the east’, the ‘siberian snow’, the ‘blizzard’ as everyone had joked. Thursday morning we all came into the office, excited by the amount of snow that had fallen. However a bit of snow didn’t stop us, and as everyone looked out the window at the few piles of snow, we thought the weather man is over exaggerating again!

As 3.00pm hit, the snow started settling, and the wind and snow had picked up. There was a subtle change in everyone’s attitude. No, there was no panic, just a new focus, and realisation that things were about to kick off. Our RM, Karen, first highlighted the need to plan for the coming hours. She whizzed into action. I offered if the rest of the office team wanted to make their way home early in case the roads got bad; they all looked at me one by one and said ‘I’m staying’.

Karen laid out of a plan of action. The rest of the team started going through the clients, planning the best they could, the care for the next few days. Reports started coming in about blocked roads, motorway gridlock, and cars getting stuck; the urgency increased.

When you ‘snow’ its for real…

The most amazing thing started unfolding, there was an unwavering team spirit, everyone came together. And suddenly I didn’t feel like one of the owners of the company. They owned it. They took charge, their skills and expertise came out full force, and I was finding myself being told what to do. As Michele and I folded schedules she said “right you go home now, get home to your bubs”. I have an 8 month old baby, but thanks to a lovely grandmother (thanks Mum!) she was being looked after. Michele however, also has 2 awesome kids; they had already called her and asked if she could be home on time. Her husband was stuck in the snow somewhere, SHE needed to get home.

I felt totally humbled at that point, as Alison (OC) and Sarah (CC) were calling clients, keeping calm and focused. Alison said ‘we’ve got this’. Needless to say I didn’t rush out the door at that moment, but when Kev and I did leave, sitting in the M27 traffic, which now resembled Iceland (Hi Kirsty), we felt of all the things we felt proud of in our career, our amazing team was right at the top. Collectively we have easily interviewed over 1000+ for roles with Right at Home Solent, and at that moment our thorough interview process, and real thought we take to recruit each CareGiver and each office team member really showed.
Award Winners

Furthermore the CareGivers were going out of their way to cover calls, work on their days off, and make it to as many of our vulnerable clients as possible. No matter the conditions. Amazing.

Looking for a new career?

Our CareGivers and office support team always go out of their way to ensure the very best is done for our clients. At Right at Home, we recruit thoroughly, looking for people who genuinely care, and have a passion for looking after others. If you are looking for a change of career we have CareGiver positions available, which allow flexible and rewarding work. We are also looking for another member of team to manage scheduling. If you have an eye for detail, are organised and good with people, call or email now for more information! [email protected]


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