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In our first year of providing quality care in Hampshire, we have come across (and worked closely) with a number of community care professionals. We thought it would be a useful exercise to detail what the roles of each one of these professionals is, so that you know who to contact in different situations.

Community Care ProfessionalsFrom experience, all of the professionals we have come across have been excellent. Often, as the home care provider, we find ourselves being the “agency” that connects all of the relevant parties. However, for me, thats quite a privileged position to be in. Working alongside all of these other professionals, in a true “partnership working” way can only be a good thing for our clients. Have a read below to learn about some of the Health Professional roles you may encounter in both clinical and community settings:

Social Worker

Social workers liaise with all professionals, family members and relevant parties involved in an individual’s life during a difficult time. They ensure vulnerable children and adults are safeguarded from harm. Their role is to assess the individual’s life to provide support and help that would improve the individual’s quality of life. They are required to make tough decisions that are not always well received but are for the benefit of their client.

Community/District Nurse

The district nurse is the senior nurse who manages a team of community nurses. This team plays a crucial role as they visit patients in their own home/care home. They visit those who are house-bound or provide palliative, wound, medication and catheter/continence care. The district nurse is particularly important for remaining in contact with a patient’s GP and referring their patient to many of the other health services (such as those detailed below)

Occupational Therapists (OT)

OTs support individuals in order to increase their participation in activities. OTs identify the strengths and weaknesses in their client’s day to day life and suggest various interventions or equipment additions that can be made to maximise the wellbeing and rehabilitation of their patient. OTs work closely with Physiotherapists.

Physiotherapists (PT or Physio)

Physiotherapists address a patient’s physical impairments and provide therapy during rehabilitation. They manage recovery post-surgery and stability during deteriorating conditions like those that affect muscular or neuro-muscular, cardio-vascular and respiratory systems.

Speech and Language Therapists (SLT)

Speech and Language Therapists provide diagnosis and treatment for those with communication and swallowing complications. Language, speech or swallowing difficulties can arise due to a variety of conditions such as stroke, dementia, cancer, brain trauma or developmental causes etc. SLTs implement various communication and swallowing strategies and techniques to improve the quality of their client’s life.


The role of a paramedic has changed somewhat. Modern day paramedics are expected to act as a complete mobile emergency healthcare service. Paramedics assess a situation, diagnose the problem and provide emergency solutions. The role of a paramedic spans from assisting a patient who has fallen to resuscitating a patient experiencing cardiac arrest.

At Right at Home Solent, we work closely with all of the above professionals. At the end of the day, we are all looking to provide the best care and support possible for the people we care for. Working together, and communicating well will ensure a much better journey for our beloved clients!

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