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Helping Others Can Benefit Us

Helping Others

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to go to a shop and buy a jar of happiness as we do a jar of jam? Then we could dip in our spoon for instant happy and let others have a taste too. Following my second stroke, I found myself in a very dark and miserable place. So much so, I would have stripped a shop’s supply of said jars of happiness. It turns out, something much more valuable than money buys happiness. It is kindness. Giving something when we expect nothing in return makes us happy. That is priceless. It is a proven fact that helping others can benefit us.

Unexpected acts of kindness when I rebuffed help incentivised me to volunteer. Offering my time to help others made me feel happier and socially connected.  The mutually positive rewards of being kind mean helping others can benefit us.

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Offering help and support often causes a ripple effect. Look at the way communities have pulled together to support one another through the current pandemic. Think how war veteran Sir Captain Tom More raised £4 million for the NHS at aged 99. The nation mourned his loss but celebrated his kindness and devotion to supporting our country. These examples of altruism will help our communities bounce back long after Covid. See below a couple of local and relevant articles, including the College that our Director Amy Patel Popat went to:

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So, what is kindness? Why is helping others so mutually beneficial?

Kindness is the behaviour derived from the generosity, concern or consideration of others without expecting praise or reward in return. Going the extra mile can make a big difference in how you and others feel.

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Despite returning to work, I still look for ways to offer my support to the community where I live in Sholing, Southampton. Similarly, my colleagues and caregivers at Right at Home Solent always go above and beyond their roles. Their passion for going the extra mile makes their home care much more personal and meaningful. I recently held a zoom session where I met a caregiver called Jill.  Her kindness and connection she had with her client struck a chord with me and demonstrates why I feel helping others can benefit us. If you think you’d make a great CareGiver – follow this link.

National Caregivers Day in 2021/2022 – When, Where, Why, How is Celebrated? (

How does it work?

Acts of kindness release the feel-good factor

Doing good deeds influences the pleasure part of our brain. It’s rather like experiencing a helping high! Science suggests that giving something back to society positively affects our outlook on life.

Kindness can help us to live longer

When we do something to help out, a hormone called oxytocin is released. I like to call this the kindness hormone as it invokes feelings of calm and trust. This hormone helps reduce anxiety and improves heart health. Kindness can positively affect our immunity and promote longevity.

It reduces loneliness

When you help others or volunteer for a cause, you are socially connecting with others. That positively supports your mental health.

Being kind to others helps you to be kind to yourself.

Helping others improves our self-esteem and purpose. We start to practice self-kindness a little more.

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So it’s true! Helping others helps us.  The more we spread kindness, the more people do the same. We don’t need jars of happy, because everyone can be kind.

I’m Rachel. I feel as though I am really settling into my role here at Right at Home Solent. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting some of our fantastic clients in Netley, Woolston, Hedge End and Bitterne. Through engaging with local people and the relevant organisations, I am building on the values-led approach to Home Care which sets Right at Home Solent apart from the rest. I’ve already made some fantastic new contacts (mostly over zoom!) – but if you feel we could work well together, please email me here!

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