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Homecare lessons from lockdown: the dirty truth

Homecare lessons from lockdown: carer cleaning
Being a carer isn’t always the most glamourous job – but it’s one we wouldn’t change for the world. Well, most days.

Helen got the key from safe and opened the door. She shook her umbrella and slipped off her shoes as she stepped inside. Then she noticed the smell.

Looking around, she saw where it was coming from. There on the doorframe – it was poo. More on the walls too. And the carpet. This was going to take some sorting.

“Can you let my next client know I might be a little late”, she said as she phoned the office.

“Why’s that?” They replied.

“I’ll be cleaning carpet tiles”.

“Carpet tiles?! That’s not part of your usual job”.

“It’ll save throwing them away!”.

Helen would be cleaning up, but not before looking after her client. Priority one was making sure he was OK. She got him showered, shaved, gave him his medication, and sat him down for breakfast.

Then the cleaning started. That was a long day.

Sitting at home, holding a cup of tea and a biscuit, Helen was able to let out a chuckle. It’s not the most glamourous job in the world, but it’s definitely one of the most rewarding.

Being a good carer means getting your hands dirty

The truth about caring is that it’s not all pretty. People rarely talk about it, but it’s a feature of the job. It often involves cleaning up accidents and it means doing some undignified work. But that doesn’t change why we do it. We do it to make someone’s life better.

We set out to positively impact everyone that we come into contact with – and we know exactly what that entails.

So, if you need support looking after someone, get in touch.

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