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Independent living at home

At Right At Home Solent we understand how important independent living is for our clients. We encourage our clients to act as individually as possible – with some assistance from our CareGivers.

Unfortunately, as we age the risk of small accidents occurring around the house does increase but with simple measures in place, it is still possible to remain independent at home.

If you, or an elderly relative are looking for ways to adapt your home environment, take a look below for some simple steps you can take:

Accessing your home:

  • Ramps or rails by the front door can help those who are unsteady on their feet
  • Outdoor lights will provide better visibility

Moving around in your home:

  • Keep floor space free of clutter and trip hazards
  • Grab rails around corners are particularly useful
  • Stair lifts or a second banister are useful tools to access upstairs
  • Remove or reposition doors to allow for mobility aids or chairs
  • Reconsider the layout of your furniture – you might not be able to squeeze through that gap anymore!


  • Place grab rails in the bath so that getting in and out is less cumbersome
  • Use a shower seat
  • You can buy flood detector alarms to minimise the risk of leaving taps on
  • Remove slippery bath or floor mats that are trip hazards
  • Purchase suction mats for extra grip in the shower/bath

In the kitchen:  

  • Place your day to day cutlery/utensils/equipment in the drawers and cupboards that are the easiest to access
  • Buy a kettle tipper or consider purchasing a one-cup kettle (you can find these at Argos or at other retailers)
  • Keep the floor clear from cleaning items (e.g. dustpan and brush or mop)
  • Add colour coded labels
  • Invest in a one-handed chopping board

Small refreshment station:

Independent LivingYou can create a small refreshment station either in the main area you are living in (e.g. living room or bedroom) with:

  • Small kettle/one-cup-kettle
  • Sachets of instant coffee/cappuccino or tea bags
  • Biscuits or snacks

Lions ‘Message In A Bottle’:

  • Take a look at:
  • It’s a simple and effective way to keep personal and medical details where they can be found in an emergency: the fridge
  • Sign up for free and you will be sent a small medical bottle to place in your fridge
  • You are given a sticker to place your door/window so that paramedics and other medical professionals will know to look in your fridge for the box/bottle in an emergency


  • Assistive technology that uses alarms or pressure sensors you wear on your wrist or around your neck at all times
  • If anything occurs, you can press the button and an alert is raise to a 24 hour centre who will then phone a family member/friend
  • Different types of sensors: motion sensors/pressure sensors/epilepsy sensors/incontinence sensors
  • Hampshire Telecare is provided by Argenti:

Other safety measures:

  • Carry a personal alarm
  • Make sure fire and carbon monoxide alarms are regularly checked
  • Pin a list of emergency contact numbers next to the phone
  • Consider keeping a key-safe box outside the property for emergencies

At Right at Home Solent, we provide quality home care to vulnerable adults and the elderly around Southampton, Hedge End, Whiteley, Bitterne, Fareham, Stubbington, Warsash and everywhere in between! If you, or a loved one would like some assistance at home, please feel free to get in touch. We can help with anything from a bit of light housework, all the way through to managed live in care. Speak to one of the team on 01329 233755 or alternatively email Kev on [email protected]

Happy independent living!


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