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Living Independently

Living Independently

Here at Right at Home Solent, we are huge advocates of Seniors Living Independently, ensuring that our clients are able to live as independently as possible is a key cornerstone of why we exist.

As we age, the risk of avoidable accidents taking place can have a huge impact on someones life and also confidence. Hence, if you are able to consider some of the basic guidelines below, you can mitigate these risks.

Access to home:

  • Grab rails at an entrance are always a good idea so people don’t loose balance when looking for their keys!
  • Good lighting outside the house is imperative, especially when it is dark.

Inside the house / Layout:

  • Avoid basic trip hazards (loose carpets and also wires etc)
  • When corridors are clear of clutter, mobility aids are safer
  • Property layout – sometimes moving the bedroom downstairs is a very helpful solution, especially if your loved one struggles with stairs. Something seemingly drastic like this has helped many people with living independently.
Living Independently

Living Independently

Bathroom & Bathing:

  • Use of bathing aids (shower seats, also grab rails etc)
  • Ensure that bath mats are appropriate – some of the older ones are more of a risk than a risk-reducer
  • Ensure everything that would be needed is close by, so for example easy to reach towel rails etc

In the kitchen:  

  • Use helpful technology (an old favourite is the “one-cup kettle” – both energy efficient and safe).
  • Keep contents of the kitchen in “clear view” – so that contents of cupboards can be seen, consider glass fronted cupboards.
  • Create a nice eating environment that can improve the dining experience and have a impact on nutrition levels as well.

Lions ‘Message In A Bottle’:

Assistive Technology for Living Independently:

  • Assistive technology that uses alarms or pressure sensors you wear on your wrist or around your neck at all times
  • If something untoward happens, you can get easily in touch with someone who can help
  • Different types of sensors: motion sensors/pressure sensors/epilepsy sensors/incontinence sensors
  • Hampshire Telecare is a great solution and is provided by Argenti
  • I have no doubt that there will be even better solutions coming to the market which will incorporate Amazon Alexa / Google Home. Both of these devices can be used to help with Living Independently.

Other safety measures:

  • Keep a key-safe box outside the front door for emergencies. Only relevant people should have access to the code.
  • Regularly check fire alarms – an easy referral can be put in to Hampshire Fire Services for a free “health check”
  • Have a list of emergency contacts near the phone or in an easy to access place

At Right at Home Solent we provide award winning care to vulnerable adults, and always focus on adding value to the lives of our clients with a constant focus on “re-ablement”. We cover the whole of the Solent region, from Southampton, through to Gosport – including Park Gate, Hedge End, Stubbington, Fareham and everywhere inbetween! If you or a loved one would like to have a chat about our services and what we could offer – feel free to get in touch on 01329 233755 or email [email protected].

Enjoy Living Independently!


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