Kris Offlands

Management Information Controller

Kris joined Right at Home in February 2018 because he saw an opportunity to be part of a team on a journey to fully utilise the tools at their disposal and work with Franchise Owners to provide an outstanding service to Clients and their loved ones.

In his time with Right at Home, he has had extensive experience with multiple systems and has provided on-site and remote support for the Network. He has also used the systems to provide Management Information insights in order to drive continuous improvement.

When not looking at spreadsheets, Kris likes to watch Liverpool FC and enjoys a pint.

“It was instilled into me very early on in my working life that your Clients should always be the centre of everything you do. No matter what service you provide, if you endeavour to provide the best quality then this is what will shine through to others. When it comes to systems, it is important to remember this message and ensure that everybody is working to put their Clients’ wellbeing into every programme and process.”