End of Life

We provide flexible support that goes beyond routine household tasks, with hand picked carers

Having a life-limiting illness changes both the person’s life and the lives of close family and loved ones, including husbands, wives or partners. Feelings can change frequently, not just triggering good and bad days, but often giving rise to several different emotions over a period of hours. People also often see changes occurring in their daily family roles and personal relationships, and may have to deal with the effects of the particular illness on their working lives and financial independence.

Emotions can vary markedly, and individuals will experience bouts of denial, anger, fear and frequently depression and even guilt. All these feelings are normal and result from the roller coaster ride of personal emotions associated with such circumstances.

Right at Home Tyneside is able to support you, and your loved ones, and care for you in your place of choice.

If you have been told you may not get better you may have already heard of the term end-of-life care, which concentrates on helping you to maximise quality of life, whilst also helping you cope with the practical day-to-day issues you may face and the physical and emotional demands placed on you.

End of life care incorporates a variety of approaches to help with any physical problems you may have as well as your psychological and social needs. We will also ensure that support extends to both your immediate family and friends who will also be effected by your illness.

Hand picked carers for end of life care.
It is never easy to deal with these circumstances but Right at Home Tyneside has hand-picked carers who can assist you and your family in achieving dignity and sustaining quality of life. Quality of life is about giving you support to maintain and enjoy everyday living. It’s about you and your family being at the centre of your care and focuses on your ongoing comfort and capacity to continue desired activities and what affects you.


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