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Exceptional WorkBuzz Client Survey Results!

WorkBuzz Client Survey

The WorkBuzz Client satisfaction survey is an independent, anonymous survey created for the Clients who use our service to provide feedback about the care and support they receive from Right at Home.

The survey is conducted by WorkBuzz and the individual feedback is kept completely confidential, allowing our Clients, their representatives and Next of Kins to be completely open and honest in their responses, safe in the knowledge that their identity remains anonymous.

We were delighted to see that our Clients feel completely safe and supported by our team – our scores were some of the highest in the Right at Home network.

The Results…

Client Questions Score
My CareGivers are Caring 100%
My CareGivers are Trustworthy and I can depend on them 100%
My CareGivers are well-matched to my care needs 100%
My CareGivers Treat me with respect 100%
My CareGivers arrive on time 92%
My Caregivers have an excellent understanding of my care needs 100%
My Caregivers go above and beyond to get me the support I need 100%
My CareGivers make a positive difference to my life 100%
My CareGivers make me feel safe when I visit 100%
The office staff communicate any changes to my schedule in advance 92%
The office staff are responsive to any queries I have 92%
My CareGivers have supported me to keep safe and well at home 100%
I have confidence that my CareGivers have used appropriate PPE to ensure the care I receive is safe at home 100%


RAH have assured me that they are keeping up to date with COVID regulations and guidelines 100%


Quote from our Franchise Owner, Andree Kerr,

We believe it’s integral to ask our Clients, their representatives, relatives and next of kin for feedback on the service they (or their loved ones) receive so we can continually improve our service

This feedback is invaluable to us – it’s overwhelming how positively the Clients responded to the questions we asked and we are really looking forward to sharing the results with our team. We couldn’t have such happy Clients without the outstanding CareGivers in our team

We won’t refuse to stand still as a business – year on year we implement improved ways of working and we intend to continue that way!

We have already analysed the results and put a measurable action plan in place to see where we can make incremental changes to improve the care our Clients receive. We believe this will lead to an even better score when we conduct our anonymous Client survey in 2022.

We cannot express enough how crucial our Caregivers are to ensuring the highest standards of care is delivered to our Clients each and every day. They are a testament to the industry and we are eternally grateful for everything they do. We have some exciting plans ahead for the next year to recognise and reward our Caregivers for going the extra mile, so we can demonstrate our gratitude even moreso.


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