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Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Many of us worry about being the victim of a crime and living alone can make this concern grow even more-so. There are ways of reducing the risk of this happening to you  or your loved one and these are often relatively simple and inexpensive, plus some home insurance companies will lower your premium if you have additional security devices installed at your home!

Ideas for making your home more safe and secure:

  • Only let someone in to your home if you’re absolutely sure that they are genuine – checking their ID badge and don’t be embarrassed to turn them away if they have arrived uninvited. If you are concerned about a doorstep caller, please call the police.
  • Add a chain and/or bolt lock to your door.
  • Outdoor lighting acts as a deterrent. Install a light that automatically switches on at certain times of the day, or get a light that switches on when it senses movement.
  • Visible burglar alarms will deter burglars and warn you of an intruder. Alarms are available that link through to a phone to alert you and/or your family to entries, exits or alarms
  • Keep house, garage and shed windows and doors locked.
  • Register your valuable possessions online for free on the Immobilise Property Register. This website helps police identify owners of lost or stolen property.
  • Plug a lamp into a time switch that will automatically turn on for periods in the evenings, but don’t leave it in a room that passers-by can see into when the light is on.
  • If you’re going away on holiday, avoid telling people you don’t know or trust, for example by posting updates on social media.

Victim Support gives free emotional and practical support to people who have experienced crime, whether or not you report it to the police – call 0808 168 9111.

If you are a client and you would like someone from the RAH, WPK office to check your home, or the home of a loved one to ensure it is secure when they finish an evening visit please contact us and we will include this on their personalised support plan.

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