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From mid July, Right at Home Brentwood, Billericay and Havering has joined the Havering Dementia Action Alliance.  The DAA brings together leading organisations across England who are committed to transforming health and social care outcomes for people affected by dementia.  It is an alliance of over 150 organisations formed in 2010, working in partnership, and informed by people living with dementia, and those that care for them.  In Havering it’s estimated that there are around 3050 people living with dementia and the DAA’s aim in the Borough is to make the lives of those people and their carers better. The list of member organisations is long and varied, from doctor’s surgeries and charities, to banks and shops, along with the office of local Romford MP Andrew Rosindell.

Owner John Walsh says “At Right at Home we’re thrilled to be the newest member of the DAA and look forward to supporting their activities and working with them in the Borough to help change lives of those living with dementia.”

For more information about the DAA click here and for Havering DAA click here



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