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What is meant by personal care?

Personal care is support that involves physical contact between a CareGiver and Client. This can include washing, dressing, toileting, continence care and grooming. Our personal care services are delivered to Clients across Reading & Wokingham, within the comfortable surroundings of their own home.

To find out how a personal assistant could support you or a family member, speak to our Reading & Wokingham-based office team.

Here’s just one great review of our personal care services for an elderly Client:

“I have been using Right at Home since October 2018, initially for my father, but now for my uncle too. I feel like I struck gold when I chose to use their services! The Carers are a cut above the rest and combined with meticulous management and efficient organisation, it makes a very successful company. Their expertise is invaluable, and I trust them to notice if things aren’t quite right. In my book, communication is key, and this is constantly forthcoming. At this challenging phase, I simply couldn’t function without them!”

Sarah W (Daughter of Client)

Why choose Right at Home Reading & Wokingham?

Our specially trained and trusted team of CareGivers in Reading & Wokingham  pride themselves on providing a discreet and professional service at all times. Thanks to our detailed care plans, our CareGivers know exactly how each Client likes to maintain their personal routines. 

The level of care we provide can be tailored completely to your needs and preferences. Our Carers support Clients to whatever extent is necessary, so they may provide full physical support, or simply wait outside the room in case they are needed. Sometimes, just knowing that someone is on hand can help vulnerable and older people to live independently at home.

What are personal care tasks?

We can support you or your loved one with personal care which consists of:

  • Bed baths
  • Oral hygiene
  • Personal grooming
  • Shaving with an electric razor
  • Bathing and showering assistance
  • Toilet assistance and incontinence care

As well as personal care, our trusted homecare services in Reading & Wokingham  also include companionship, light housekeeping, medication reminders, meal preparation and transportation to and from appointments. Contact our team in Reading & Wokingham to discuss the type of care services that could benefit you or a loved one.

What makes a good personal care assistant?

All of our CareGivers participate in a thorough induction training programme before becoming personal care providers. Every member of our team benefits from regular refresher training and quality checks. That’s how we ensure a consistently high standard of care. 

Our Reading & Wokingham-based CareGivers are all trained in the latest safety techniques to assist physically during personal care services. We support Clients to maintain their modesty at a level they feel comfortable with. 

To discuss personal needs for yourself or a family member, please get in touch with our friendly office team in Reading & Wokingham. 

FAQs about our personal care services in Reading & Wokingham

What services does personal care include?

Our personal care services in Reading & Wokingham  relate specifically to personal hygiene. We can support you or your loved one with shower and bathing assistance, personal grooming, oral hygiene and more. Most of all, our personal homecare services in Reading & Wokingham are designed to preserve modesty and dignity. 

What do personal care workers do?

Our Reading & Wokingham-based personal care assistants visit you at home to provide physical support with the activities of daily living. Their support is designed primarily to help you maintain good hygiene, but they can also offer valuable companionship and support, as a trusted friend. Your CareGiver will follow an agreed care plan, so that they only do as much as you feel comfortable with. 

If you are looking for more comprehensive support, explore our live-in care services across Reading & Wokingham, where one of our friendly and reliable CareGivers will live with you in your own home.

How much do personal care services cost in Reading & Wokingham?

The price of our homecare services will depend on the number of hours of care provided. We recommend a minimum of one-hour for any care visit, to provide safe and effective care at home. Talk to our office team in Reading & Wokingham  to discuss how regularly you’d like these visits, so we can provide an estimated cost of care. 

How do you give personal care to the elderly?

Personal homecare is, at its very core, personal. So the level of care we offer to elderly people will depend on their preferences and independent capabilities. If you would like more information about our care services for elderly people in Reading & Wokingham, take a look at our elderly care offering.

If you are tending to the personal hygiene needs of an elderly loved one yourself, you may want to explore our respite care services. Our team of Carers in Reading & Wokingham can offer a well-deserved break to family Carers.

For more information on our personal care and home help services, please contact our Reading & Wokingham-based office team on 0118 207 0600.

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